Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a way to start the new year! With a free gift! I love to enter my fellow bloggers giveaways! I thought since I will be gearing up with school starting on the 5th and returning back to college to complete my counseling degree I would give something away that is absolutely one of my all time favorite things! "McCall's Reed Garden" and the luscious flavor of "Hot Butter Rum" smell! YUMMMMMEEEEE I have this one in my classroom and 'everyone' loves the smell and how its aroma covers the room!

All you have to do is leave me a comment and you are entered! Leave as many as you want and each comment will give you a chance to win! It is that easy! I will be drawing next week so don't forget to enter!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Couper ?!@????!?!?!?.........

I have had many animals since I have grown up on a farm and now live on one! This has got to take the cake! Couper is a corgi I purchased about 4 months ago from a lady in Texas. He was 6 weeks old when I brought him home. Very intelligent dog, he was house broke in 1 1/2-2 weeks ( I mean he would tell us he needed to go or he would hold it until we took him), he is very playful and loves to be around everyone! BUT for some reason he is getting Americanized/humanized real quick. Last night we were watching a movie and had some theater popcorn when my husband noticed Couper sleeping on the floor upside down and he sat his popcorn box on his belly! Oh, did I mention he sleeps with us every night, all night long! I think he is our son we never had! LOL

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Show me your 'jewelry'!

(pls don't look at the ol' hand) LOL just the jewelry

After visiting with my lovely (newly wed) relatives from Texas, I was amazed how beautiful Jeff designed Sterling's ring! Absolutely beautiful, one that I have never seen before! So this Christmas, I thought it would be GREAT to see others 'ring' or special jewelry! Being a horse person, would you have expected anything else? I think of the pioneer woman, I would love to see her jewelry! Show me Ree and everyone! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Attached by my vacuum cleaner!

As I do each week, take time to really clean my house! I can deal with a lot of things, but a dirty home is not one of them.

Red flags were raised from the beginning, I dropped a whole container of sour cream when making a cake on my kitchen floor, my cat snuck into my dryer when I was loading it (caught him before I turned it on, no harm to my boy)...... so many more stories, but I will continue on with my vacuum cleaner, I was vacuuming the utility room, when all of a sudden the vacuum just hit my freezer, bumped off it and came back and ran over my toe! Hurt like haydeeees, that was my little toe, then when vacuuming the living room, I was moving my recliner when my vacuum decided to move again and when I was moving the chair back knocked it over my big toe trying to avoid the vacuum! It started bleeding, took care of it and of course today they are BOTH swollen! But what is worse, I can't wear shoes! I am not sure what I am going to do!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanks Pioneer Woman.....!

Not exactly like 'The Pioneer Woman's' rolls, but very close *Yumee
Fresh Farm eggs, best deviled eggs ever!

Fresh buttered corn on top of my wood stove (cooking)
Thanks Pioneer Woman and her wonderful recipes! I found the rosemary roll recipe on her website 2-3 weeks ago. A local business let me purchase some 'frozen' rolls that are the BEST ever! I collected all that was needed for the recipe and this morning before I went to Church, I started our lunch! Rosemary Rolls, Chicken and rice casserole and fresh corn on the cob that I made into cream corn.
I HIGHLY recommend the rolls and plan on making these for Christmas! As Ree says, "they are a great tasting roll" and who would have thought rosemary? The skillet also plays an important part! If you have not visited her website, here it is:
www.thepioneerwoman.com I also have her link on my sidebar, just click the picture.
My husband loves that I visit her website often, last week, was "Pioneer" week in my home, I made a reicpe off her website each day! That is how easy and good they are! Enjoy

Two black eyes!

Trying to center around what was, and not what is now is the focus of our lives today! After the basketball game Friday night and 'foul' against the opposing team member, BB received a bloody nose, swollen nose and eyes, and now today have turned to black eyes. Thank goodness for makeup! LOL Hopefully she will let me take a picture of her face and I can show you the after.

After printing her Senior pictures last night, I am so thankful this happened after the pictures rather than before! Or we would be doing a lot of photoshoping!

Having a merry, happy and black eye Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do you ever see a picture that stops you in your tracks?

I saw this beautiful picture on a blog I follow! As I was reading her blog,I came across this picture and it totally stopped me in my tracks! As I just starred at this picture, I just can't help but think of all the things the Bible does for us. It has a cover and our lives inside the cover, His hands, His love, His rules, His direction, His forgiveness, His Plan. I just can't believe others who do not believe!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recipes for the heart

I love to go through Kelly's recipes periodically to try and find something I haven't cooked, (lol). I also love reading her blog "Kelly's Korner". Christmas is usually the time I make all the pies and side dishes, after years of cooking, I wanted to find something different in the sweet department. Not that I do not like pies, but I want to make something that is not as sweet!
I found this recipe that I have not made in a long time and feel this may be it!

Dirt Cake

1/2 cup butter, softened

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese softened

1/2 cup confectioners' sugar

2 (3.5 ounce) packages instant vanilla pudding mix

3 1/2 cups milk

1 (12 ounce) container frozen whipped topping thawed

32 ounces chocolate sandwich cookies with creme filling

DIRECTIONS ~ Chop cookies very fine in food processor. The white cream will disappear.Mix butter, cream cheese, and sugar in bowl. In a large bowl mix milk, pudding and whipped topping together.Combine pudding mixture and cream mixture together. Layer in flower pot or trifle bowl, starting with cookies then cream mixture. Repeat layers.Chill until ready to serve.

Love Christmas Shopping

My "old High School" friends home "so beautiful"
Amazing decorating skills

I love to shop during this time of the year! I love winter clothes and I love to cook! This time of the year, I love to spend with family. Recently I went to my older brothers home in another town, my wonderful sister-in-law is so special to me! Melissa and my husband are always at it, we took them out to eat and I laughed so hard, I could hardly eat because the two were always joking! It was a great time. We decided during this time we would do "dirty Santa" for Christmas instead of just buying gifts for each other, we think it will be fun and exciting on Christmas day. So this morning I have wrapped gifts for dirty Santa and started my decorating! I am very country and love living in the middle of this 100 acre farm! My daughter will take the jeep or 4 wheeler and run all over the land, we are able to breathe and feel the freedom of space in this cold weather.
Recently, I found an old friend from High School that I have not seen since 1977. I loved her, she was so full of life and laughed all the time. After the passing of her close family member she moved to Oklahoma. She recently posted these pictures of her home and talk about decorating skills, this girls has always been talented, but she really is showing off her talent. Only if I could do this! LOL, but like I said, "I am country" so everything in my home will be western and country! If I can complete my decorating today, I will post some of it! Until then, I will only wish I could decorate like my friends home! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Decorating at school...

My classroom door! I have not put "Santa's" bag of gifts on it yet, I am afraid I may come in the next day and it be gone! LOL
Every year we have a contest for door decorations. It is amazing how much fun we have! I will have to take pictures of other teachers doors, some are so funny, I have been laughing up and down the halls and running around trying to see all the doors today.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas early!

View one of my new leather couch
second view of my new leather couch
My new rock wall and slab for my wood stove

I am so excited, I love wood heat and am so excited that we are "going green" by heating our home with wood! We turned our central heat off, and this stove keeps our home so toasty, while sitting on my "new" leather couch! I LOVE IT...
I have looked at leather couches before and didn't think I would like them, but when my good friend who teaches in Northwest Arkansas told me she was selling her leather couch and it was in great condition, I had to purchase it. It looks brand new and in perfect condition. She bought it and didn't like it, so went and purchased her a new Christmas couch! I am so excited! What a great Christmas for my family!

Friday, November 27, 2009

BB's senior pictures......

I can't believe that my baby is a senior! When she went for her setting Wednesday, day before Thanksgiving she was so nervous, the few that she has posted on the photographer "Melissa McCrotty's" website turned out beautiful! Thanks to my good friend Angelia Burris Slaughter for recommending her! Below is Melissa's website, she comes highly recommended! (if you are unable to get to her website through this link, you may also go to her website through her blog)

Website: http://www.melissamccrotty.com/index2.php#/home/
Blog: http://www.melissamccrotty.com/blog/

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

History, How much do you know?

A little history on Thanksgiving.......How much do you know?

Thought out history the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated with a 3 day feast for their bountiful harvest. But it was not celebrated as a National holiday of Thanksgiving. Many farmers in the 1600's believed their harvest contained spirits which either caused the crops to grow or die. Many farmers believed that the spirits were released when the crops were harvested. Some of the celebration they would defeat the spirits.

In 1621, the Indians and Plymouth colonist shared in a feast, the main reason for the feast was to show or symbolize the cooperation and interaction between the white people and the Indians. Many historians feel this was the very first Thanksgiving celebrated.

Do you know about their celebrations?

1. Do you know what was on the menu?

2. Do you know what they ate with?

3. Do you know what a cloth napkin was used for by the people?

4. Do you think they used salt and pepper?

5. How was the food served to the people?

Answers are below...

The first Thanksgiving celebrated by our country was after the Revolutionary War. In 1863 when Abraham Lincoln was in office, he declared the last Thursday of November will be "Thanksgiving Day" a national holiday! In 1941 Congress set the national holiday of Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of every November, then the decision was reversed when President Roosevelt wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November, "this would give people more time to shop for Christmas." (Good decision, LOL)

Answers to above questions:

1. Lobster, seal and swan

2. Pilgrims didn't use forks, the ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers.

3. The cloth napkin was used for wiping their fingers/hands and to pick up hot morsels of food.

4. Salt was placed on the table for the feast so people could sprinkle salt on their food, pepper was used for cooking, but not placed on the table for use.

5. Pilgrims didn't set down and eat like we do today, they placed the food on the tables at them same time, meat dishes, pudding and sweets were placed all together and people at in the order they chose.


Off for her Senior Pictures............

BB ~ Senior 2010

It is amazing how time flies! One day I was bringing her home from the hospital, the next I am getting ready to send her off to college! In five months she will be graduating, making her way into this world to make a life for herself. Which leaves me at home with the animals! The only good thing about that is, they do not talk back! LOL I am sure I will be finding things to do.
As one leaves the nest, the independence grows strong. Making the decisions of an adult, but yet still in a young woman's body. She will makes mistakes and learn from them, and will be remembered from her great things she has done. This will be the last time she will be with her classmates as a class, the last year she will be playing in the gym at Lamar High School. She needs to cherish these moments. As she goes out into this cruel world, I hope that she can make an impact like she has made on my life! Always keep our Lord and Savior first in your life so that He will guide and lead you through life.......I love you!

New Couch?

Decisions, Decisions.......my good friend who is a teacher in another school district bought this leather couch (looks Burgundy, but is deep rich brown color) she said she is tired of it and is selling it, so I ask her how much and she priced it to me for "very, very, cheap" for a leather couch. I think it is a little shorter than the couch we have now! There is nothing wrong with the couch I have, but I do need a newer one. I noticed it is starting to wear....so I don't know about leather, I sure would love to have opinions here! Leather or not? (pros and cons section)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures tell a story

The smiles tell it all "Chris Holland and dad Coach Jay Holland"

After a game of success

Thumbs up tackle

Warrior in Waiting
Waiting patiently on sideline for his next touchdown

After a good catch

The look of determination & to prove a point



As I sit and wait for the next playoff game at Fountain Lake, Friday, Nov. 27th the day after Thanksgiving, I thought I would share some of my photographs. I do not claim to be an experienced photographer, but as my boys have ask me to 'take' pictures of them, I sometimes are in the right place at the right time. I also feel you have to see through a photographers eyes what they are feeling and thinking. It is just recorded in a second through a picture! This tells a lot about a photographer, what lies deep in their souls!

It seems all my pictures have centered around Football and Basketball for the last 10 weeks, but this is my love, "The Warrior Football Boys" who call me "Momma A" and the "The Lady Warriors" who my daughter plays and is the point guard for. I spent part of the summer with them at camp and feel like I am also a part of those girls! Season just hasn't started in full swing, football is still rolling!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My good friend and teacher

You know you meet people and just instantly you know they are special! Well this is my friend from school, a colleague and teacher, Laurie Cowling. We have to much in common, we LUV our football boys, students, and children at school. We love being amateur photographers, and being rowdy! LOL I guess I am to blame for her blog now! I realize I can reach many of my students, family and friends through my blog, so I felt I need to share the experience with my good friend Mrs. Cowling!

Oh, if you visit her blog, be sure and ask her how she was "almost part of the football team last night at the 'playoff' game against Parkers Chapel"........LOL sorry Ms. C, but I sure wish I had taken a picture, it was one of those moments! You were an inch of getting that 'run down feeling'.........:)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I have the best family ever!

My sister in law, Melissa

This has been a great weekend and starting of the week! I have been so blessed with my friends and family! Also, my Church family is amazing! I have grown so close to them. I see why our Father wants us in Church!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving, my precious family from Texas is coming in and we plan to spend special time with them. Over Christmas we are looking to travel to Texas! Gosh, how blessed I am. This is GREAT!

Where do I go from here? Thank you Father for giving me such wonderful friends and family!

God has blessed my brother and his wife, who I absolutely love my sister in law, Melissa. She is the best!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate...everybodies friend....

"3" homemade chocolate cakes
Every year I always 'serve' the Warrior Football team. In the past I have served ice cream cones, Pizza, cookies, and more. This year I decided to make homemade chocolate cakes and ice cream. I went to the store to purchase the ice cream, chocolate syrup and Oreo cookies. Yes, all about chocolate, it is every ones best friend, especially on rainy cool days!
Once in the store, I am thinking on the number of buckets of ice cream I would need, so thinking maybe 3 family size buckets will be enough! Wrong, these are football players...are you kidding? So I ended up buying 5 family size ice cream buckets. I came home and iced my cakes after they had cooled and crushed the Oreo cookies for the ice cream. They may all be sick by the time football practice gets here at 2:30.
We are kicking off the "Playoffs" if AAA will decide what they want to do (see below post) they are meeting today to decide to appeal or suck up their mistake and let the playoffs begin. As much as they were wrong, they will never admit their ignorance and immaturity in this matter, others are slamming our boys terrible for the coaches being right! So what better way to sooth the 'harsh' words from idiots than with 'chocolate'!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The best 4 hours of butt numbing.....

Blaid now has the world off his shoulders since we won the court case

As many people know now that Lamar Warriors of Lamar Arkansas were 'supposingly' playing and ineligible football player who moved in to our district in mid September. We have been fighting the AAA (Arkansas Activity Association) for 2 weeks now! Since 90% of schools, individuals and communities have been receiving "INCORRECT" information and "ASSUMPTIONS" about this player, I thought I would take the time to use my blog to post the CORRECT information.

I did attend the Court hearing, for 4 hours I sat between my boys, the Lamar Warrior Football players, and we held hands, we prayed and listen tentatively to both sides being presented. That being said, I can tell you from the beginning how all this came about!

A student from a neighboring district moved to Lamar schools because he had been threatened and ganged up on at this school. They were on a trip back from a school which they had played a 'scrimmage' game. Some boys had thrown a bottle and hit him in back of the head, this is where it all started. From there it escalated to a fight and then continued to a 'threat' and 'hand gestures' of a gun towards this boy. His truck was stolen and destroyed. So the family feared for his life and moved him to Lamar. (Under AAA rules, in these cases this is considered a 'hardship' and the boys is automatically eligible) The school paperwork, transfer and AAA documentation was 'all' filled out. To verify that he was for sure eligible, 2 phone calls were made to AAA from our Administration and the school he transferred from also called AAA and they were also told he was eligible. We were told "2" times that the paperwork was in order and he was eligible to play football. This was the second week of football season. Then 9th week of football season, we received a phone call and was informed we had an ineligible player. If AAA new the 2nd week of games, why did the school he transferred from wait until the 9th week of games they would call AAA and inform them we have been playing an ineligible player? THIS SEEMS VERY PERSONAL! Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm Or very scared of our football team!

We filed an appeal for a hearing to the AAA, on Tuesday of this week. The team that ended up 6th in the conference, were informed on Thursday at a game against Russellville and Cabot by the AAA executive director that they would be playing in the playoffs! Hummmmm, we had not even had our hearing yet, so yes, that told us that they had planned on denying our appeal. We went to our appeal at the AAA office. Seven board members sat there while we (our attorney, Superintendent and Athletic Director) presented our case, one of the members had his head down on the table, one was texting....another red flag, decision made?

Once we were denied from the AAA, we filed a petition for an injunction with the courts. Why? Because 2x's we were presented that AAA was not going to balls up and admit they made a mistake by telling us the boy was eligible. Trying to put all the blame on us! Time was an essence, playoff were suppose to start tonight (Friday), and so we needed to move fast. Our school attorney had all the paperwork ready for Thursday (after Wednesday holiday) and Thursday morning we filed for the injunction. A judge agreed to hear and rule on it.

We spent 4 hours in the court room, I sat from 3:15 - 7:05 hearing both side as each attorney presented their case and witnesses. It was amazing how AAA were arrogant, and so sure they were going to win. The judge spent much time with each side and asking many questions to clarify the statements made.

When the judge came back from his chambers for the verdict, all the boys and I locked hands and held on tight to each other. You have to understand, these boys worked very hard during their season, the boy that transferred in was not a starter, he is a good player, but he never started, so it is fair to say, we won games with and without him. Our last game was with Paris Eagles, who was projected to beat us by 7 pts. By the end of this game, we won 52-21! Without the 'supposingly' ineligible player! LOL

The judge started reading his verdict and I was blown away at how he was very disappointed how the AAA rule book was so vague,nothing was explained and half the paperwork that is suppose to be filled out was not even in the rule book, but on the website the papers were not accessed easily. He informed Lance Taylor the executive director of AAA should be governed and they need to get together and revamp their rules, that ONE man should not be the one who makes the decision if a school has an ineligible player or not! AMEN! Finally, someone realizes that ONE "Control" freak should not decide the fate of a school and its players! Especially, since HE is the one who said the boy was eligible! HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM

We all prayed that the truth would come out! That was the reason for my previous post.....we knew our Father would bring the truth out. We didn't know if we would win our injunction, WE JUST WANTED TO BE HEARD, WE DID THINGS RIGHT!

I am happy for my boys and our school. WE made History and DESERVE to be in the playoffs! Thank the Lord above!

So our school is getting bashed terribly because the ruling has caused 3A playoffs to be postponed until the Judge can sign the ruling and the two attorneys can come to a consensus.

My boys and our school do not deserve it, we are the BEST! And our new record is 10-1 (9-1 without the win over AAA)!

Keep praying for us and our boys! The reason behind all this was for OUR boys! Isn't that why we are teachers? What if this was your child who played football and in his senior year was stripped from their record and playoffs? You all would be fighting for the truth also! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have to leave this one to the Lord!

The next few days will be a very trying time and so many are on their knees praying for the truth~ Being a faithful Christian and a true believer I know that all things work for the good of the Lord. For all things there is a purpose and a reason, we may not understand it at this time, but I have to continue having faith and leave it in God's hands. I have seen grown men fall to their knees praying and crying all week, we feel we have no more tears left. Our hearts are breaking and we feel we have lost one of our own! I do believe in Karma......and so do the others! So I keep praying we all have the strength to sustain the ones we love the most! Luv U TTLWFBB!

OMGosh, my new icemaker! LOL

I realize that when you are looking at a sales paper from department stores, they enlarge the picture so you can 'see' the item. Most items are smaller than the picture(laughing) normally. The town next to us recently opened up a "Tuesday Morning" store, what make me interested in this store is they had a 'portable ice maker' on sale. Since my side by side refrigerator, is an older one and thought I would probably purchase a new side by side in the future, also thinking, "why spend the money on a new ice maker for my refrigerator when it may go out tomorrow!" So why not buy us a small ice maker and I can control the amount of ice we need and want vs. getting ready to sit down to eat and WE ARE OUT OF ICE for our drinks.

I head off to Tuesday Morning store to 'investigate' the portable ice maker. It makes up to 35 lbs a day, LOL. I get there and it is on sale as the paper says (really good price), it does not require a drain, or line coming in to it! I look at the box sitting on the shelf at the store and the outer box is large, but I really think it was lots of packing. I get home with my new ice maker, I start unpacking it and hook it up! To my surprise, this ice maker is huge! LOL. 2x's as large as expected and the picture showing in the sale paper *SURPRISE! I purchased the ice maker and have temporally set it on a corner cabinet until I can figure out what I am going to do with the ice maker! I am thinking I may need to build its own space!
Seriously, I am glad I purchased the ice maker, with holidays around the corner, I am making ice and bagging it up! We have two dinners we are going to have to attend at Thanksgiving, (yes, we love getting together with family and eating). I have my relatives, newly married cousin and his beautiful wife coming in from TEXAS, so I will be intertaining them! PLUS, the cubs are so cute and easy to eat, not like the large, hard cubs of ice that regular ice makers make! I just am not sure about the size of the maker and what to do with it! Laughing~ Every 8 minutes, it drops the ice cubes, now tell me how anything can make ice that quick? HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My amazing dear friend.....Talent

"Off the Clock" Painting

"Mousers to be" Painting

Joni McKim, each one of her paintings have a story behind them. When you visit her website, she will tell you the inspiration behind each of her paintings. AMAZING friend I have!
She is just beginning her love, here is her website: www.jonimckim.com

I met Joni about 4 years ago at a barrel race in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a Drysdales barrel race. Approximately 400-500 barrel racers show up for this 3 day event. I was getting my stalls ready for the horses to bed down on a Thursday afternoon when I heard this woman laughing and just loved her personality. I had to go and get water when I realized that the water faucet was by her stall. While my water buckets were filling up, Joni and I started visiting. I really had a good time visiting. After getting my horses bedded down and fed, I went to the RV park (on the same grounds by the huge indoor arena), parked my living quarters trailer and within 30 minutes I looked up and here comes Joni, her parking place was next to us! SO, this friendship was meant to be! We sat up late that night, laughing, visiting and going over our lives, but she never told me that she loved to paint! This woman is amazing! I love her and so blessed to have her a friend!

We are quit far apart mileage wise, so we have to visit through phone calls and emails, she sent this link to her website and wanted to share the talent of this woman. I plan to purchase one for my Christmas present! :) Here is her website: http://www.jonimckim.com/

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Senior Night and Tears......:(

H2O girls
One of my boys "Blaid"

Zach running in for a touchdown!

18 Senior boys

Us in the middle of the pack!

Wow, what a wonderful and sad night Friday night was! Senior night, had to see all 18 of our senior football players walk for the last time on Warrior Field (until playoffs) and one H2O girl, our daughter B! I can not believe she is a senior! I have been adopted by the players, because I am always on the sideline with them. Taking pictures! Friday night was the 'muddiest' night in football history at LHS. Once the game was over, I had 4 of my boys running to hug me! I think after the hugs, I had more mud on them than they did! :) I love it though, they are my boys! All 36 of them!

A HUGE surprise for our boys!

What is so great about our booster club, is the support we get from our community here at Lamar and great parents who want our 'boys' to have something special! At the last home game, a few selective ones were able to know what was coming UP! As the boys and the coaches were getting ready to come out, we aired up their surprise! A run through, that "smokes" when you come through it! GREAT huh? When the boys and coaches came out, they were SSSOOO proud! It was worth the $$$ that it cost, because WE ARE HEADED TO THE PLAYOFF AGAIN!