Saturday, June 26, 2010

Katie's Keepers

Do you ever find a blog that touches you like no other? I came across Katie's Keepers blog and her post was Reece's trees. As I read the post and the trees being planted by her family and how they were blooming, I wasn't sure who Reese was, so I started reading all her post from the past.

Katie, you have touched me like no other, you are an inspiration to so many, you are so special and I thank you for sharing your story. For you who do not believe in Jesus, this will surely change your mind, this story and what this family has endured will bring you to your knees!

Katie, I hope you do not mind me sharing this with others! Reese my darling lil girl, you are God's Angel and when I get to Heaven, please be waiting for me at the Gates!

To view the video at Reese's funeral please click here.

To view Reese's pictures, please click here.

To read and follow Katie's blog, please click here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tiny Victorian Cottage....AMAZING

This blows me away! Why can't I be this creative and have her design knowledge? LOL To view the inside of this cottage and the rest of the story, click here

Things that make me SMILE

I have been so busy these past two weeks, I am finishing up with my second masters, this one in counseling! With the many papers, artifacts and article reviews, presentations, yada yada yada that I have written, I think I can write papers in my sleep.....I am taking a break to let you know what has been going on the past two weeks and what makes me smile!

Being out of town with my daughter at her U of A orientation was such a joy (2 days)! I met new friends and learned the "correct" way to call the hogs! Plus, new ways of calling the Arkansas Razorback HOGS!

You see, I have to know the correct way of calling the Hogs, my daughter is their manager! She will be traveling with the team and getting them ready daily for their practice. What an honor! Anyway, this is one thing that makes me smile!

Will be attending more games so I can have an excuse to see B! LOL
Old Main building
During orientation, it was HOT, we had to walk to every building for our presentations, workshops, etc, but it was worth it!

My family from Texas came to my daughters graduation and to my SURPRISE we received a book (and so did B) with our pictures of the time they were hereto share! AWESOME!

This is my family from Texas that I speak of all the time, I love them so much and yes this is the family that got me hooked on "The Red Box"

The bottom pictures on this page, is when we returned form BB's graduation, we all went to eat after the ceremonies, we ( I had dad and my nephew Bobby D with me in the truck) drive in the drive-way (around 11:30 p.m.) and we see dad's tractor on fire! I drive fast to the barn and Stephen comes running to help get the fire out, Bobby D helps dad get the water hose......! WEIRD, huh?

Sweet memories at mom and dad's house, and at graduation.....Love being together with the family the three days they were here visiting!

Fresh bowl of summer pasta salad with fresh tomatoes and squash from my garden!

'Graduation Time" August 14, 2010
Master of Education in School Counseling Guidance and Leadership
"Couper" my baby, he loves going with me and riding in the truck!
I have learned to laugh at my daughter's room.....I just shut the door! LOL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 'Gang'

(The tech gang girls) Chris, Lisa, Jonie and Stacey

Stacey is cracking me up back left side, Jonie back right side, me front left and Lisa in the front!

After eating 2 Entrees, full meal we look full and satisfied!

Gotta luv my Cohorts from our counseling program at Arkansas Tech University! We are part of the last of our Cohort VIII and will be graduating August 14th. We studied for the Praxis last night and after our study session, we hit RUBY TUESDAY! Fun, Fun and more Fun.....One thing since starting the program 2 years ago, I have gained 12 lbs from sitting and doing homework all the time, so it is time to get on my diet and start loosing!
I shall not leave out, photographer B Arnold (my daughter) LOL

Friday, June 11, 2010

Head is spinning.....why?

The song, "Why of Why" keeps ringing in my head as I sit here at college doing my work! We are getting ready to study for the Praxis' for the School Counseling and Guidance exam to be certified through the department of Education and to have another degree added to my teaching license!

I see the end and it is such a relief, but so much work still to do! My Portfolio and the defense is coming up in 3 weeks, "why or why" (humming in my head, lol) Now you understand 'why' I have not posted much and why I have not read your blogs my dear friends, but I will catch up!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Reality !!!!!

My front bedroom is getting full of her dorm room 'stuff'

Towels, ? and looks like many more things are stuff in these boxes.....LOL she just keeps piling things up~

It is hitting me now that my baby will be leaving for college next month! She is taking two summer classes this summer which started today and my last two classes start today also! What am I going to do with all my time? The Empty Nest syndrome will be setting in.....scrap booking sounds fun! LOL

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blond Brownies (my grandmothers recipe)

After visiting Attempting Creative blog, Kim posted a Blond Brownie recipe, brought back memories of my grandmother making these for me (38-40 years ago), so I told Kim I would post my grandmothers recipe for her and all others who would like to try them. They are the best! Thanks Ma!

Preheat oven 350 degrees

Sift: 2 1/2 cups flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Melt 1 cup shortening
then add 2 1/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar

remove from heat and cool

put shortening and brown sugar in a large mixing bowl and add one egg at a time totalling 4. Add dry ingredients and 1 tsp vanilla, mix well and add chocolate chips, nuts optional. Grease pan or dish ( I use dish 9x13) Cook 30-35 minutes or until done (depending on your oven)

Nothing that can't get fixed

Doc Holly's Lil Whoa (AKA Lil Bit)
I returned from the vet the other day and she is going to be O.K. The pain is in her shoulder so it's a muscular issue and not an abscess or stone bruise as I first suspected. For a week, I had been treating her feet, been long trotting her and keeping her moving when I should have been resting her, so this makes me feel terrible! She is such a sweetheart and never complained while riding her. Giving her meds for 6 days should help her get back to normal and stall rest. Gotta love and take care of my girls!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Off to the vet I go!

My dear friend in Kansas texted me yesterday and said, "I need Lil Bit" (one of my three mares who are sisters), she has a couple of people wanting to try her, so as I have been riding her, one day she starts limping.....Crap! I have checked her all over her body (head to toe), she has no swelling, no heat, no soreness anywhere, and this has been going on for two weeks, then why is she limping?

Well, I have decided we are going to the vet and find out exactly what is going on! (scratching my head) Never been stumped like this, figure she is toying with me cause she doesn't want to leave me! Off to the vet I go during the hottest part of the day!