Saturday, March 27, 2010

God's Promise through a Rainbow!

You can double click on the picture to enlarge it!

I hope through one of these pictures you can see the beautiful rainbow colors!

After the brief storm that blew over, I looked out the front door and saw this beautiful rainbow! It touched my heart so much because the 'promise' God made in His son's name 'Jesus' that He would not flood the earth again! I am so blessed to be a child of His, knowing that some day I will be in Heaven with Him! What a great blessing!

All in "1" Day!

All in a day's work~
Couper thinks he is bigger than the horse! LOL lil does he know!
This is Lil Bit, a precious girl also, all her pictures are at school so I didn't have a rider on her back! She is the sister to the two you see below!

This is her main horse she rides, Gypsy!

This is B on my lil mare that she helped season! A few years ago~!

Donuts rising for the occasion

As you can see, yesterday I was busy! It was beautiful and so I wanted to catch up and get all ready for the new year to begin! You say, "New Year?" Is this woman crazy? Sometimes, but I love it!

I first got up and got my horses ready to take to the vet. They are required (in my family) to get their yearly injections and coggins test for travel! Horses can catch so much and with us traveling, they can get real sick and either cripple them for life or they can even die, so it is important to me to keep them healthy!

I got to the vet, then my wonderful vet looked down and says, "You have a flat" on my trailer......Lol as I always do when it all hits at once, I left there and went and ordered me some new trailer tires! :O

Now back to the "new year", this is the time the barrel racing associations are kicking up full swing, so that is when I consider this a new year for barrel racing!

I looked on the Internet for prom picture "hair do's" for BB. With her dress that most of you have already seen, we are trying to find a do that will match the dress. If you have an idea, please send me the picture! We are welcome to other ideas!

This one is probably my favorite!

Last night I made the dough for "The Pioneer Woman's" homemade donuts! So I am getting ready to fry the donuts and eat away! OMGosh, that means I have to run today to burn off that donut fat! Pooie

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Day! On Spring Break :)

After changing to my new purse (my other broke in Chili's, LOL Yes, on the floor; crazy huh?)

Working on my Artifact paper due in April for 'one' of my 3 classes

My kitchen table and bar are covered with my books and papers for my paper! (I already have 45 pages on it)

Still found time to cook some banana bread!

I have slept more this week than I have in the last 6 months together!

It is true 'exhaustion' sat in on me. I knew this year would be very hard for me, my daughters senior year at school, football and basketball season (she was manager for the team and starter for the basketball team) and yes, we made every game home and away. I had 5 graduate classes that I am taking (2 for fall and 3 classes this semester), our big conference that I take 8 students to and it usually take 2 months to build the booth, presentation and projects. Plus, much more, taking care of the family, home and still trying to breath and hear my heart beating! Being the mother explains all!
So today, after much needed sleep, I found lots of energy even after yesterday of tilling my two gardens, and clipping and cleaning my horses! So I am sharing my day today so far!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A HUGE Fan..................

Of these movies! I am hooked on the books and the movies! First I apologize to the ones who are not fans of the Twilight series and who are Harry Potter fans, I never could get into Harry! I guess it has to be the 'love' that evolves around these movies and the families. The Blind Side had me so captivated that when we went to the movies, I never took my eyes off the screen! My wonderful family "Jeff and Sterling" came in from Texas over Thanksgiving and we went to see this movie! New I had to buy this one when it comes out TODAY! On the way to get it now!

Yes, this movie is as good as Twilight! I have it as one of my DVD collections.......Again, it has to be the way these movies draw you into a dream that you know is not real, but it lets you escape from the world that we are living at this moment, the love~ the not knowing ~ the excitement of these movies and what is coming next? I love the books, but the movies are just as good!

I am hooked! And so is the rest of the family! LOL

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Week just Stunk!

After stumping my toes (yes, I screamed and said a bad hurt) Couper looks up at me to see how I was!

My toe stumping didn't last long, Couper went off to play with Mickie!

My day got better, when I entered the gym and saw the Jr. High Boys basketball coach shaving the Sr. High Basketball coaches head! LOL

I then go to the office to get ready to judge when I noticed the Sr High Girls basketball coach has already had his head shaved by the Jr High boys coach! I got the heck out of there, I was afraid I would be next~

The week started out good, or it was for me because I knew that I would be playing ball that afternoon, then Tuesday playing volleyball and going to class, then it hit!

The B word........ BAD! Wednesday I started feeling physically bad, we were trying to get all our work completed before we had spring break this next week, so the students were overloading me....... the headache started Wednesday night, couldn't sleep.....stomach was killing me, then Thursday when I got up at 5 a.m. I realized that I had just fall'en asleep! I was feeling worse, had a student totally go off on me, so by my last period class I must have looked bad, cause I had one of my big football players come to class and say, "Mrs. A do you need a hug? You look like you need one" and gave the sweetest hug, so after this class...... I had prep! NO, boss came through and says you have some visitors, we are bringing some community visitors by so they can see what awesome things your kids do!

By now, I am dying! I am so struggling to keep from throwing up, I felt like I had the worst heartburn ever, stomach is rolling, head is blowing and I have to be professional? OK - OK I pulled it off, then today still feeling horrible..... I come home to kick my feet up and POOT, I come in and stump my toes on a huge my week ever going to end?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know I am old, but the pain!

Headed to the gym to play Volleyball

I took the challenge! The challenge to exercise at least 3x's a week for 30 minutes, that is the 'true blue challenge'! All the teachers at school have groups and we hope the WOW team (yes, this is my team) wins! So, we have been playing basketball 2x's a week for 30-45 minutes each time, plus warming up, then we started volleyball last night! OMGosh, I have been sleeping on a heating pad, I have muscles that are sore that I wasn't even aware that I had! All our activities are documented through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield website

I keep telling myself "No Pain, No Gain"! I am having a blast! WE are having so much fun and since we are playing with teachers from our district, I have met some wonderful teachers that I probably would have never got to know! So this is definitely a plus all the way around! Just hope I can walk soon without looking like I am bowlegged!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shopping for Prom Dresses...............(blank look)

This dress is gorgeous and so beautiful! The picture does not do it justice, this was our first choice! After visiting on the way to Fayetteville "we were not going for white" she thought she wanted to go for the 'new' mixed colors prom dresses.....until the owner just said, "this is my favorite, just try it on!" I agree, this dress is absolutely beautiful!
Until they called and couldn't get it in her size! Tell you more at the end!

This dress we also felt that it was comfortable and elegant (soft), this was her second choice dress, which I liked it also, but it was similar to most prom dresses! BUT we kept it as one of our choices!

You can't see him, but her boyfriend is on the right side of her, waiting patiently and giving his honest opinion on the dresses she tried on! Can't believe he went shopping with us!

Well after 2 hours of trying on dresses, and finding out that we couldn't get her first choice in her size, there was another dress made from the same designer of the first choice dress (1st picture above) almost identical except the front had some sways cris-crossing, gathered tightly same style and material, again very elegant and beautiful dress! We tried it on and POOF this was our conversation in the dressing room:

BB - "Mom this is to tight"

mom - "No, this is the way it is suppose to fit, so your boobs don't fall out"

BB - "Can you get it zipped?"

mom- "Yes, I am trying to figure out how to clip the top part to hold your boobs in!"

BB- "It feels tight"

mom- "Yes, you will see when I get it zipped"

BB- "Yes, it does feel better"

mom- "OMGosh, this is beautiful, I like this as much as the first one, PLUS, it fits and your size"

BB goes out to see what Steven and the girls think! They love it! EXCEPT....she would let me take a picture of it on her, she says, "you can wait until we get home!" This is the best I can do, by it hanging on the hander! Still a beautiful dress! Just can't believe we got WHITE and SILVER! Never say Never!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Honors to be remembered!

I always hope our seniors have good memories and a great senior year before leaving the structured nest of high school years.

B has had a great year, it is going by really fast for mom, but they are definitely memorable! We received word Thursday that she was voted All-State, All-District and was nominated to play in the All-Star basketball game. What an honor to receive in your senior year! Now my colleagues are telling me I have to order her a 'State' ring, LOL I agree! This is a special honor and I guess along with all the other expenses of being a senior and sending in money for college (dorms, application fees, etc, etc) that this is just another memorable expense!

I will miss you on the floor next year! :)

Pulled from a wing position, she had to step up this year and play point guard and yet shoot as if she was on the wing.