Thursday, April 22, 2010

I didn't birth them, but.......

One of my son's Matt, pitcher
My catcher son "Zach"
My lefty son!

And this one who started the cell phone edit of "son" on his profile. My son Mattie J. I will miss all my boys, but Matt I have in class 2x's and he brightens my day!

Corey watching Norm safe at 2nd

Here is Norm, great player had 3 HR's in one game!

And here is Zach, all-around player, great in FB, BB and now BBall, superb catcher!

They are my boys, they have gone as far as to change their status to "son" on my cell phone! I have been with them more than their own mothers this year. Through football, basketball and now baseball. And now in baseball we are 9-0 and it is amazing watching these boys of mine, they have got exceptional talent and it blows me away how well they play at every sport and play together. We have gone to State in Football, Basketball and if we win the first game in Regionals we will be going in baseball.

I am very proud of them and my daughter who sticks with them as managers of all sports (truthfully they ask her to continue with them, their lil sis)
I will miss my boys, they grew up with B and I have help raise them. I wish them the best future who I know will be successful in what ever they decide to do. Senior night is Monday, I will post pictures of all my boys (20) then.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

WOW.....It was Fabulous!

Words can't explain the Wow factor at Prom last night. We always have extraordinary proms, the whole room is decorated, so when you step in the door, you feel you are actually there! Last night's prom theme was 'Bon Voyage' and when you entered you felt you were actually on that ship!
B's boyfriend was in Texas and was unable to make her prom, but she was surrounded by her friends (she still missed Kent) but it was a memorable moment for her!

BB, Stephanie and Trevor
BB and Dillon

I am exhausted! I helped set up and serve and my legs....well, I don't feel like I have any today! It was all worth it, we do this so the students have a wonderful, memorable and exciting Prom!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Night Before Prom!!!

As mom and I work to take up her dress (almost impossible) she works on finalizing the polish!
This dress just takes my breath away! It fits her so well! She had her first spray tan completed today! Wow, they do make you dark!

As time seems to allow, I have to wait until the night before prom to adjust her dress! It really fits her well, but she seemed to be tugging at the area that covers the top part of her body! So the wrecking crew (mom and myself) came to the rescue to see if we could tack it enough that it would feel 'snug'! We spent 2 hours trying different methods and it just took away from the dress! So we decided duck tape would be the best solution! Please don't ask, LOL, it is a beauty pageant secret! LOL

Friday, April 2, 2010

I can tell now!

When you have this GREAT news and they tell you that you can't say anything, it almost bust the excitement bubble! Yes, I said normally does not bother me at all when I am ask to keep things silent.
As a counselor to be and a teacher now, we have to keep many things silent.

OK, is the news! My daughter B will be the new 2010 Arkansas Razorback Football Manager! She went for an interview in February and they have spoken many times with her since. She was invited today for the 'full pad' practice at the Razorback Stadium. She met Coach Petrino, he gave her a hug and welcomed her, she was on the field as the players worked out and met many of them today and other coaches and staff. She was able to stay with Tim, who is her boss, while showing her through the stadium and she was so happy she got to ride in the Gator! LOL That's my girl!

She is now an official "Razorback Hog"......

Something that is important, praying is so important in everyday life.....all we ask, that it be God's Will!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

News coming soon!

There has been a great 'honor' lurking over the Arnold House hold for a few weeks now........Unfortuately, I not at liberty to say at this time.......It is killing me, but I have to wait, I really think God is working on my patience!

Many of our friends and family are praying, so please keep us in your prayers~