Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day with my "Pa" being a part of it!

I knew that if I went by my Ma and Pa's grave site that tears would start streaming, it seems like a river of tears because I miss them so much, they were the love of my life, my breath, my father and mother, my advocates, my direction and they raised me as a Christian who still remembers going to Church with them every Sunday! They loved the Lord more than I can express, I thank them and my Pa for all that they have done for me! I love you and miss you!

The Clark name he was so proud of!

I can't believe it has been so long since I have seen them, it seems like yesterday!

He served his time and fought a great battle in the War flying planes and fighting cancer! He didn't want to leave his family behind! Right before passing, I was in his hospital room, he had been sedated, when I was talking to him and telling him I loved him, he opened his mouth and said, "Tiny (what he called me), I am ready to go"......That night he passed!
TR leaves behind two children, Reggie (TR Jr.) and Elizabeth
Five Grandchildren
Four Great Grandchildren
Two Great Great Grandchildren
Thank you for fighting for our Freedom!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Red Box

I have to admit that I am hooked! When my family came in for BB's graduation from Texas, they introduced me to 'The Red Box'! You have to understand that we live in a small town, so movie stores are still in business! This I love, because I can be in another town and pick up movies and return them at our Red Box! I just have to stay away from them, they are so tempting!
I guess I am ancient! But not out of style......I find my students wearing the same clothes I wore 25 years ago in school! LOL

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black eyes and graduation

Two days before graduation, I am in charge of having our first Powder Puff Football and Flag Football starting at LHS in the fall, the students 'begged' me to have another game, so all the hard work at the end of school: test, graduation, grades and rounding down the year, I gave in! B's team was named the Ghetto Gurlz....she is number 34 "little did we know that on one play, a girl got the play backwards, ran smack into B and blooded her nose (bad)" after getting her nose to quit bleeding, she returned to the game and scored the only touchdown. We lost by one point 8-7! What fun and what a way to end the seniors last year! And makeup covers a lot! LOL

Ghetto Gurlz vs. Mean Green Machine

B scoring the touchdown

During Friday (pre-graduation) we had our senior awards ceremony. Here B is receiving her awards (with that hand on her hip!)
B and Alex (they are so cute)

BB and Ethan

Matt (her bestie) and B

(sweatie palms) - ceramonies are starting

As you see around her neck, she has worked very hard in her High School years and received many awards for her hard work!

Walking to stage (2nd in line)

I am shaking at this point, our dear friend and board member president, Bill handing her the hard worked diploma!

This has been a very busy week....... my baby graduated, her wonderful boyfriend took her to Branson for her graduation, my lovely family came in from Texas for B's graduation! I have been cooking like crazy and now started my last 2 classes before graduating this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! Moving might be a chore, but getting excited!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What my Grandmother left behind.......

My grandmother has been gone for many years, I still miss her and my grandfather more now than ever. I called them "ma" and "pa" since I stayed with them 90% of the time! They were like my parents, we were a very close family.......we would go to Texas to see family at least every 2-3 months and I would be right in there with them!

My grandmother loved to cook. I remember her cooking chocolate pie and she would make her chocolate filling in a 'iron skillet' double boiler for her! She was known for her pies, cakes anything sweet! She is the one who taught me to cook, so she is very special to me and so is her pots and pans. After she passed, I did get her cooking pans, skillets and the round cake saver (carrier). Today after returning from Ft. Smith with mom and dad, mom ask me if I wanted her cake carrier (Hummmmm ?) she showed me her square cake carrier, something I didn't even know she was I to say NO? Are you kidding.....? So now I have more memories of my grandmother!

Taking Cakes to school, I have had many who wanted to know where I got this cake pan! I keep a close eye on this one....

This is the one mom gave me today that was ma's also, little did I know, she was probably keeping this for special times, like our potlucks at Church!

The love of our heritage!

As I sit in my chair, with the windows open, the cool country breeze blowing in and I hear the birds, insect and leaves singing in the air after a spring rain, I worship the sounds of the country and thankful I live in the middle of 100 acre farm!

After cleaning my home this morning, getting ready to leave with mom and dad on a short trip, I scanned the Internet for remodeling the old saying quotes, "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl" rings true in my case! I have always lived on the farm, can't imagine living in a busy life, where it all goes by so fast that I miss the simple things in life. Our Father says, "Be still and know that I am God".....I feel you can do this while sitting on my porch in my big rocking chair, with eyes staring at the heavens!

The only thing I miss is Texas! A place I have always wanted to be, yet can't seem to get there to live!

This home makes me want to live in and walk out with a cup of coffee in the cool morning.

What a beautiful bedroom, reminds me of the pioneer women decorating.

In this living room, I would stay read and relax......"a lot" lol

Of course, I can't forget my girls, they need a home to! My horses are so special to me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Priceless Pictures!

After looking through my pictures and reminiscing about the year, I thought I would post some pictures that have great memories, laughs and are special to me!
Isn't this the best? My grand babies!

My Grands, they are so precious!

One of my students and myself (lol) we have fun!

At my besties home feeding her pet 'baby deer'

BB ready for her Prom this year (tear)

Coaches shaving each others head in the gym! (had to be there)

Couper and Michey playing (see who is winning?)

Couper is tired and sleeping on his back

My baby girls, Lil Bit and BB

My DEAREST Bestie, couldn't teach without him!

Our bus driver and Coach when we took Seniors
to Silver Dollar City last Wednesday
He was trying to get some sleep, LOL Notice his cell?
Me and Ms. Boen resting after riding rides at SDC

HUMMM, if you look close you will see butter all over
his chin....this is my boss at SDC - Joe's Crab Shack

This one you needed to be there, he picks this up and ask
"what do you think this is?" LOL Gotta Luv him

Our wonderful baseball coach, in this picture, he disagreed with the umpire and if you look close, you will see what he is thinking!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mems Day!

The family got together at mom and dads house after Church! I don't know what it is, but after a good meal, I get sleepy! My grandson wanted me to come and see him ride his horse, so we went to the barn and saddled his horse and rode first by himself and then Papaw couldn't help it, he had to get on and ride with his Great Grandson! This may be mothers day, but for me it was "Happy Mems' Day", what is more beautiful than your grandchildren?

Kale, IceCream and the dog Bo

Papaw, Kale, IceCream (his horse) and Bo

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Storing for the winter!

Eggs from our Chickens

Potatoes are growing

Just finished putting up 16 qts of strawberries

They are so good, saved some for Stawberry Shortcake

My family knows that I love to can and freeze! This year I have taken on more by planting potatoes in my second garden! I am not sure how I will like 'digging' them up, LOL but they sure will taste good! My first garden has 28 tomato plants planted!

Last winter I knew it would be cold and wet just by the way the summer was! So we had a calf butchered, had corn and veggies in the freezer, wood stove put in our home and had our friend hook our home up so the generator would run it! (Just in case we lost electricity). Not quiet 'the Pioneer Woman' but my grandmother taught me well! I admire the Mennonite and Amish with their self sufficiency, I can't do away with some of my necessities, but can survive off the land for awhile!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kleenex....can you send me boxes?

OMGosh, it is starting to hit me that my daughter is leaving High School to a new chapter in her life, a world that will start the rest of her life, and new beginning! Graduation is in 2 1/2 weeks and as she walks through the line, I will need many boxes of Kleenex.

Tonight at the Athletic Banquet, all my boys were crying and hugging me, which seemed to them like it would be for the last time.

BB received honors and recognition that we were not expecting! The pictures tell much!

With her teammates, B stands as she is one of two seniors graduating

She averaged 14 points a game with 60 - 3 pt shots made this year alone.

She receives 'All-State, All-District, All-Star Nominee, KARV Dream Team' honors

Special honor of receiving ' Most Athletic Female of the Year' Award, along with Zach who won 'Most Athletic Male of the Year' Award

Guest Speaker ~ Tim Horton of University of Arkansas

Been so busy to post!

Yes, I have excuses on why I have been deserting my blog! My last day of classes at ATU is Tuesday, had to complete my Artifact and Internship book. Will be graduating this summer with my counseling degree! FINAAALLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

THEN, we have the Athletic Banquet tonight and have worked feverishly for the last two weeks for the athletes video, programs, decorations, etc.

These are good excuses on why I have not been on here lately! I will post garden pictures soon, my potato plants are getting big, should have red and white potatoes in June! Tomatoes in June and July, with fresh green onions and okra! YUMMMMEEEE

Try to post pictures tomorrow!