Sunday, November 30, 2008

Light Arnold house

Little did I know that I had a "Light Bandit" housed in my attic! While pulling everything out of the attic over Thanksgiving Holiday's, I have everything organized in boxes and each box has written on the outside what the inside includes. While putting my lil western Christmas tree on my kitchen table, I pulled the box out that had "Lil Christmas tree lights" and wwwaaaalllllaaa, there was not one Christmas light in that box!
I proceeded in looking in all my boxes for my lil Christmas tree lights thinking I had placed then in a different box last Christmas, I went back up stairs to the attic, looked everywhere, with no luck, I have now determined that in the Arnold attic lives a bandit! So if you are missing any lights, I am sure that my bandit has been at it again!
For the time being, I will have to do without lights until I can reach the discount store to purchase more. Once I purchase lights for my tree, the bandit will return my old ones :)!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving....!

Wow, am I stuffed! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was up at 6 a.m. to start my cooking. I made a red velvet cake last night (Wednesday), this morning I cooked sweet potato casserole, pecan pie and fresh cream corn....(yes I had to cut the corn off the cob).....I love fresh corn! There is just something about having a common denominator.....(memories)

good food+good company= memories!

BB had to work so she ate early and had to leave. I am sure she will stop on the way home at Aunt Veda's house to eat again! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends! Now it is time to hit the bed early, I am actually thinking about getting up at 5:00 to go shopping on Black Friday! Don't know for who and what, just the excitement of seeing what I can find! LOL

Sunday, November 23, 2008

NBHA Awards for 2008 year...

NBHA Awards District 10
More awards..............
Perfect Attendance Awards (BB on Right)
High "Money" $ Awards (BB on right) Wonder were all the $ is....LOL
1-D winner (Saddle 1) BB Arnold
2-D Winner (Saddle 2) BB Arnold
3-D Winner (Saddle 3) BB Arnold
Picture of all her saddles she won this year!

Brandon Oakly's band (Four Aces) They play all over the US, they do a great job, love to hear them, his wife is our Barrel Racing Director

Over 125 people were there to eat, enjoy and visit along with the awards!
Our cooks! He is from Texas (the state I love), he cooked beef/chicken fajitas, rice, ranchero beans, salsa, chips, fried floured tortillas, then members brought the desserts, dips, salads.....I made 3 pecan pies, 2 batches 7 layer bean dip, 2 batches of Texas caviar, snickerdoodle and lemon cookies, the only thing that was left was 1/2 of Texas caviar (BB was happy, that is her favorite).

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WE WON.....WE WON.......!

#10 Matt J., #21 Cameron L. #88 Colin B, #60 B-Dog and #59 Ethen C
Score 16-7
Our boys did it again!! They traveled to Hoxie to play against the Mustangs, where the Mustangs had home advantage! The Warriors are so determined and want to make History......Warriors U have made history, Lamar football has never made it to State playoffs and you have accomplish this the last 3 years! Now you are in the semi-finals of State!
CONGRATULATIONS Warriors......So proud of you!
On a sad note, Shiloh Christian defeated Clarksville Panthers 84-7 last night! Their season comes to an end!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good News and Bad News :(

We found out that the information that we received Tuesday about BB's knee was a "wet" reading. A wet reading consist of people who run the MRI all the time can usually look at the slides and see if there is a problem before radiologist reads it. So when I received the call that the MRI looked clear, we were all excited!!! Then the radiologist read the slides AND he saw either a small tear in the ACL or its surrounding tissue. Dr. Martin said he pondered all day Wednesday on what his plan should be for her. The radiologist and Dr. Martin went over the MRI together and finally the diagnosis was "inconclusive" may be a small tear in ACL. SSSOOOOO, Dr. Martin called with the news, "I pondered on what I need to do for BB, I can not warrant surgery, because if I go in and it is the tissue then she will have to recover from surgery, if it is the ACL and the tear is so small that I couldn't repair then she will still have to recover from surgery, all the Mobility test I ran on her, didn't show any tear in the ACL, I really thought it was just a cartilage!" He has recommended her being off another week and we went to Ft. Smith this morning to be fitted for a custom brace. I continue to pray that she fully recovers....she is not a good 'bench' warmer! She is much like her mother, competitive! I am trying to load one of the pictures of the MRI but I am having usual! LOL

As a mother, I will continue to be on my knees, and pray that she recovers and has no more trouble with this knee!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

School Spirit......

My classroom door......
I am very proud of the football team and their accomplishments this year! We were tied for Conference Champs, have a record of 9-1-1 ~ and have made it to the quarter finals in State, so I wanted to show the students and players by decorating my door and showing 'SCHOOL SPIRIT'.
This picture is on the school website 'front page' located at

GREAT news............

BB is back!
She has missed one game due to her knee. It was this game that she was injured in and with many prayers answered......the outcome is one that rang sweet to our ears.
After Dr. Martin, Orthopedic Sports Medicine specialist thought she had torn her cartilage, all test he performed supported his diagnosis, only the MRI didn't agree.....I am siding with the MRI...laughing
The phone call came today, this week physical therapy and she possibly could play next week!
Coach Ramsey is 'very' happy and since we only have one game next week, he wants to make sure she is strong enough to return.....we feel blessed!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sad face.............Not a good bench warmer

Sitting on the bench does not make her a happy camper....!
And I have to live with her! LOL

We make our trip to Little Rock tomorrow, we are hoping for good news. Coach Ramsey told BB to keep her head up after crying for 2 hours Thursday! Sitting on the bench is not something she likes and will mentally get her focused on 'getting' well! She continues to use the portable ice pack, it seems to be helping! Thank you to all the wonderful friends who have helped us: L.Ray for traveling to get us the ice pack; D.Porter for finding us the best doctor and the coaches and teammates for your support! I will keep U posted on her recovery! Keep her in your prayers that it will be a quick recovery~

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Basketball has started....BB's #34

BB prior to warming up
Looks like she has some pain stretching.....LOL

In bound play
BB shooting her free throws after being fouled

Our first game was Tuesday night at County Line. It was an exciting game, County Line has been playing for 2 weeks and this was our first game! We won 48-43, for awhile it was back and forth the last 2 minutes of the game. We drew some fouls and made all our free throws, which brought us out ahead. In the 3rd quarter BB was driving the baseline when her defender caught her on her left knee. She didn't complain or tell anyone until after the ballgame, which she played the 4th quarter hurt. She finally told Coach Ramsey about the pain Thursday. We now are scheduled for an appointment in Little Rock with an orthopedic doctor Monday. Please keep her in your prayers.....she is not a sideline player & I have to live with her, LOL. She wants to play tonight at the schedule game, but NOT. She will be sitting on the bench with her portable ice pack!

Lamar beats Harmony Grove Camden in State Playoffs!

OMGosh, the boys did it again! First time in History at Lamar High School, the boys tied for Conference Champs and won their first game at State Playoffs against Harmony Grove Camden, 22-16! A 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive, I thought would have taken a toll on the boys, but it didn't! I am so proud of you! Congratulations!
Having most of these players in class, I feel like they are 'my' boys (children)...they are such a good group of students~

Cameron, Casey #40 (one of the leading scorers), Ethen #54, Coach and Kaylynn Hollands son, Christopher on the end The Warriors warming up prior to the game

Cameron L. warming up. He is a great all-around player and kicker!
Thank you Coach Holland for your dedication and time you have spent here at Lamar! You have proven your love for football, the boys and community here at Lamar Schools!

I want to Congratulate Clarksville Panthers for winning their first state playoff game! They will be playing Shiloh Christian next Friday........Go PANTHERS! For pictures and more information on the Panthers...go to this link

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gota luv them......

Mark and I took our church youth group to the Zoo Saturday......we had so much fun!!!!!! We left at 8:30 that morning with 17 of us crammed all in the van and returned around 5:30....first time I have eaten at the 'Purple Cow' I luv Mark and I owe him a lot for driving the van Saturday, hauling us around all over Little Rock and putting up with us at the Zoo....Thank you Mark N.

When we returned, the van pulled up by my truck that was parked at the Church and when I looked over, this is what I saw.....(see picture when available :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

BB after her date..........?!?!?!!?!?

Eating 'Pizza'......BB and Cowboy
BB and her friend met at Pasta Grill for a date last night. For some reason I have to believe she didn't eat much, (the pizza gave it away) either she ordered and was to nervous to eat, or she ordered and they didn't give her very much to eat! LOL After returning home, she dug right into the pizza.
Cowboy is 'begging', I feel someone has been feeding him 'under the table' with real food! If you are not aware, Cowboy will not be with us much longer. He can hardly move due to his hip and back leg being crippled with arthritis. When he started gaining weight, we couldn't help notice he was already stricken with this horrible disease. I can't find the heart to put him down, and I can't stand to see him hurt. So he usually makes it to a couple places a day which is the living room and his bed in the utility room!

Fall Colors...................

The colorful trees in front of my house...
It almost looks like it is snowing...but it is the leaves flying off the trees
Focusing on the red colors!

It is amazing the colors during the fall! These vibrant and radiant colors express so much life to us all. This reminds me of a special place that I recently visited that shows so much past and present life. It is now, that I find those special ones who I hold close to my heart. They are my life, and my love. Life goes by so fast that we get so wrapped up in our own little world and our needs, that we tend to forget the needs of others. It is amazing that it takes the color of trees and the smell of fall that reminds us of those special times and our special friends!

Halloween on Saturday!

Batman & Fallon

Fallon 'Olivia' a.k.a Sissy
Kale 'Lane' a.k.a Bubba

Since Football games conflicted with Halloween on Friday, my grandchildren came over on Saturday to Trick or was a treat! They received more candy at 2 houses than they would have received at 15 houses! Fallon didn't want to dress up in her Halloween costume, so she came as "Fallon" herself. Kale came as "Batman"!