Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Shower.....:(

Jeff and Sterling sent me pictures of the wedding shower I was unable to attend. I am so sad that I am not able to attend his wedding. After speaking to him yesterday, they understand, but I still feel like I need to be there, they are family! The reason I can not attend is I am working on my second master's, so I am in class Saturday and I am taking a group of students to National Conference next week. If I drive to Lubbock, back on Sunday then leave for 3 days, I will not be worth a thing! Right now, plans are heading to Lubbock Spring Break! I will post pictures as they send them to me! As they have promised!

Sterling and Jeff

Sterling and Jeff (what a man to be at a shower)

Jeff & Sterling (sweet things)

(l-r), Aunt, Sterling, Sterlings mom, Sterlings Granmother, (front) Aunt
Lubbock, Texas

Want to clarify.......Destin Florida

I know that Condos sound better than 'roughing' it, but I have to admit, my trailer is like staying in a travel trailer, not like a 'smelly' ol' horse trailer. So I attached pictures....below...we have air/central heat, shower, toilet, kitchen, stove, t.v. beds, everything that a room has, except, I don't have to fight the huge crowd on the beach. I was thinking that if we had more privacy, then we would enjoy the time 'off' and relax, minus the cost. So I only feel fair to show pictures so you can have a visual of what we might stay in! Now I have been told that our TV in our living room is going out, so the trailer is looking better and better, especially if I have to buy a new one! LOL

Once you go inside my trailer, you will see that I have all amenities that a hotel room has!
Queen bed with TV (this is a picture off the internet, but looks like our trailer

Refrigerator, stove, sinks, we have a dinette opposite of this! In the bathroom we have a toilet and shower!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Destin Condo or Private Beach?

For two months I have been emailing a friend in Florida and then another friend in Oklahoma, trying to decide if we want to rent a condo for the week or take our living quarters horse trailer and camp on the gulf and have a private beach to ourselves! This is driving me crazy....! We decided before Christmas, that we would go to Destin, Florida rather than traveling and combining a basketball camp and vacation like we have the past 3 years. I have classes through June, then I only have the month of July off! I thought I had the plans final where we will stay, when my friend from Oklahoma says, "Tina always takes her trailer to Destin and they stay right on the beach, and it is private!" So she is forwarding this info to me, and I am thinking, WOW.....we could do that and the money we will save from the condo, we can go SHOPPING......LOL....SSSOOOO my students who are going to Panama City Beach for Spring Break are going to go thru Destin and check out this place for me! I might just hook up my trailer and take off to Destin..........shooting from the hip! LOL

It is almost time.....!

I am so excited and getting the get back on my horses! When it is cold, I do not have the energy to get out in the cold weather when my bones are in pain, and try to move around quickly to ride! When it is nice and pretty outside, there is nothing that can replace getting on my girls and working them out! It is even more fun to go to a barrel race, your Adrenalin gets to flowing, your heart is racing, all you can focus on is making a good run and sitting in the middle of your horse! Before you know it, the run is quick, that you are ready to go to the next barrel race!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Trying to upload pictures from Friday Night

This is all I can get uploaded at this time~ Will try again later
"Trap" play as you see they have their player cornered to steal the ball
Uploading pictures from Friday has been a challenge. Maybe I will be able to get them uploaded.....! District is next week and we play Wednesday night, it is so exciting to wind down the year~ with wins!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have a day off!

BB scored 14 pts in last nights game and 17 pts in Tuesday nights game!
So the first thing I can do is UPDATE my Blog! Here are pictures from last nights game.....Having trouble uploading pictures...will try again later

Friday, February 13, 2009

I guess you could say I have abandon the blog for awhile! I have not had a night off in weeks due to school (college), teaching and basketball games! I do have pictures to post (if my computer would not run so slow).............