Friday, July 9, 2010

3D Nerds

B and Me....luv the 3D's
Me and my dear friend Tamara
B and Tamara's son Harrison
B, Harrison, Me and Tamara (3D Nerds)

Some dear friends of mine text me and wanted to know if we wanted to go eat and hit the movies last night! We let our kids decide..............."Stoby's" restaurant and "Last Airbender 3D". I had so much fun last night, laughed, ate, and watched my first 3D movie! IT WAS SO COOOOLLLLLL! I wasn't sure about the movie, but it was great too!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Saying Goodbye was so hard......

Saying Goodbye to my best friend...Lil Bit

She leaned her head down and I kissed her twice....she knew she was leaving me

My bestie Pam...this trailer her team roping son 'Jake Long' is sitting in the top 15 in the world and he won this trailer and a truck at the George Straight roping last month. Lil Bit was privileged in George S. trailer.

Greg and I walked her while Pam and Randy were on their way to Tulsa from Kansas.....

Saying goodbye while she loaded, I fought back the tears........

We met our best friends in Tulsa on the 4th (yesterday) for a day of eating, shopping and visiting. It was great being with them, but I also had to say goodbye to one of my girls (horses).......not that I wanted to sell her, but this mare 'loves' running barrels, she loves attention and wants to be going all the time. With B going off to college, she is going to be busy with the Arkansas Razorback football team as their manager, so in reality, I needed to sell one of my girls. It is hard to ride three horses a day, put up 2 gardens full of veggies and do my other chores. SO, Pam said, bring Lil Bit to me! She trained her and knows the love she has for barrel racing. While we were in Tulsa, she was already receiving text messages about Lil Bit. She will be going to a good home and make some lil girl happy like she has for my daughter (won a saddle on Lil Bit) and myself!

Also, today is my grandson's birthday! I wanted to wish him the best day with lots and lots of hugs and kisses......HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALE! Mems and Pops luvs you! We will bring your birthday gift to you! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A little History first....

Fourth of July was first celebrated on July 8, 1776 after the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
Fourth of July was declared a legal holiday in 1941.

I wish everyone a wonderful, safe and happy July 4th, we have plans so I am posting this early!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Grown

A little fresh okra, tomatoes, and new potatoes from the garden and fresh eggs from the chickens......what more do you need for a good lunch? Oh, I did add some fresh mild cheddar was sossosososo good and fresh, all home grown!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is 'Complete'.......

Masters in School Counseling Guidance and Leadership
2010 Grads (Sabrina Dec 2010 grad; Stacey Summer 2010 grad; Ms. Dixon, teacher; Lisa 2010 summer grad; back left: Jonie summer 2010 grad and me summer 2010 grad) This was our last class together!!!!! ON the last day!
The best side of all the Lady Wonderboys Gang....LOL Jones, Stac, Lisa and Me
Lady Wonderboy gang (Jonsie, Stac, Lisa and Me)
Me and Dr. Croom (my professor and advisor)
I am now an official graduate of Arkansas Tech University with my second masters in "School Guidance Counseling and Leadership." It is complete.............with my grad gang "The Lady Wonderboys"